About Us

Specialists In Alternatives Since 1976

STSS CO LLC manufactures water storage tanks, heat exchangers and controls for:

  • Solar
  • Wood/coal boiler
  • Off-peak electric
  • Fire protection
  • Domestic water storage

April 4, 1976 we entered the solar heating market. We manufactured and installed solar collectors, heat storage tanks, heat exchanger coils and controls. For space heating, our collectors and tanks with heat exchangers were combined with coal and wood boilers together with oil or gas backup units.

In 1983 we designed storage tanks and heat exchanges specifically for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company�s off-peak rate, and we continue to supply these tanks and heat exchanges around the country where off-peak rates are available.

Testing performed by Bucknell University, Engineering Department in 1988 and 1989 verified the performance characteristics of the design of our copper heat exchanger coils. The unique design and shape of the coil itself accounts for over 20% of its superior performance.

Although we no longer supply solar collectors, our knowledge of the needs of those of you who are supplying wood boilers and solar collectors to the public, and the success of our tanks and heat exchangers, have made us important players in the business of storing heat and distributing from storage.