STSS CO LLC doesn’t just make solar collectors…

We make solar collectors work better.


crated water storage tank

STSS CO INC now has over 26 years of performance data for these tanks and heat exchangers. Bucknell University, Department of Engineering, ran a two year study of low temperature heat trans- fer using STSS tanks and heat exchangers. This study became the foundation for our performance and claims.

Collapsible Water Tanks and low temperature Heat Exchangers make it possible to store large amounts of energy at lower temperatures and deliver that heated water for domestic hot water pre-heat, radiant floors, ducted warm air and warm water baseboard systems.


Water Tanks and Heat Exchangers

Tanks to 1205 gallons are crated 19″ wide and 54″ high. Two people can walk a large tank through a doorway, into the structure and have it piped up in an hour. The tanks are fully insulated as shown on the left. Tank sizes from 184 to 1550 gallons are 48″ to 72″ high. “Taller tanks” to 5000 gallons are custom orders.

Heat Exchangers

Vertical spiral heat exchangers, 21″ in Diameter and 43″ tall are available for all your applications. A special purpose DUAL STACKED COIL for smaller, DOMESTIC HOT WATER packages is featured on the back of this page. The two STACKED COILS can handle up to 2 or 4 solar collectors, the 120 HEX, 5 collectors and the 180 HEX up to 8 collectors at peak solar input. Both the 120 and the 180 can be piped in parallel to 1″ or larger pipe for long runs for solar arrays of ten to 16 collectors. The same multiple works for 3 heat exchangers piped in parallel.

The 120 HEX is rated for 26,400 BTUs, and the 180 HEX for 39,600 BTUs at 120 Degrees tank temperature for space heating. These are workable low temperatures for solar heating. Few heat exchangers can match this level of performance at the price.