Solar Water Tanks and Heat Exchangers

There’s a myth that there is no alternative to heavy, round 80 gallon or 120 gallon steel tanks to store solar heated water for home hot water use. Up ’til now, they were the only tanks you could get into the front door of an existing home and down into the basement.

Now, STSS CO LLC has something better.

STSS Water Storage Tank

Our smallest home hot water tank is 160 gallons. It comes collapsed in a crate 19 inches wide and weights only 121 pounds – compared with the heavy steel tanks that weigh 192 to 336 pounds. A copper, coiled heat exchanger coiled heat exchanger comes with the 160 gallon tank. It is packaged and shipped separately, and weighs only 124 pounds.

To get an STSS 160 gallon tank with heat exchanger, you will pay just slightly more than the 80 gallon steel tanks. Shipping charges for the light weight STSS tanks will result in savings for your customers.

An important benefit of having larger storage is realized by the homeowner and the homeowner’s family because they can now install as many as three solar collectors with one tank. The larger collector array is necessary for a family that requires a lot of hot water.

A larger tank gives carryover of heated water into the second or even third cloudy day.

Another myth is that too large a tank will dilute the energy from a solar collector. Our tanks are unique Our stacked vertical, spiral heat exchanger stratifies the heat at the top of the tank because the tank water is not stirred by incoming cold water. Stratification remains undisturbed.